Intended Plan

Our Intended Plan for Our Warehouse Complex

Our intention is to transform our warehouse complex into a most modern & productive warehousing and distribution center with refrigerated and humidity control facility that is available not only in Ghaziabad but in entire western Utter Pradesh which would be managed and operated by us.

  • To install and provide green power in our warehouse complex
  • To make it ecologically sustainable
  • To develop and operate a refrigerated warehouse offering ambient, chiller and freezer facility.
  • To provide warehousing activities and value added services and improve the efficiency of warehouse operation implementing industry best warehouse management system (WMS).

Warehousing Services

Order processing
Inventory Management
Picking & Dispatch
Quality control and Audits
Stock Audits

Optional add-on Services



Cosmetic & Personal Care
Electronics Electrical & Communication
Food & Beverages
Furnitures & Plastic Mouled Furnitures
Stationery & Print Media
Textiles, Furnishing Fabrics, Garments

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We would consider like-minded cold chain logistic companies, supply chain operators, professional investors, from cold storage field to become our JV partner or shareholder and set up and operate cold storage facility. We can work out any feasible working model that is acceptable to all, involved as our partner or shareholder.

Further, we are looking for well experienced warehousing and logistic professionals who can bring in their experience to our organization and assist us in getting viable contracts as well as in running warehouse business.